muscle building club
muscle building club

Get inside the "Mind Of An Expert" and learn his
muscle building strategies from him DIRECTLY...

"Weight Lifters: Here's How To Secretly Get Advice From A Guy Who Is a Master At Gaining Muscle and Strength... And Learn ALL of His Training And Nutrition Secrets... Right From The Comfort Of Home"

Right below, you'll learn the truth from a bodybuilding and powerlifting expert... as he teaches you exactly how to eat and train to gain the most muscle and strength possible... in the least amount of time!


Dear Friend,

We've all seen it and we've all wondered about it...

You're out at a bar, or at the mall, or even on the street... and you see a guy who is just plain JACKED.

This guy is HUGE and muscular... and has a physique you'd kill for.

With arms that bust out of his shirt sleeves... people stop and turn to watch him go by.

This dude demands respect and commands attention.

In fact, you've probably seen this happen many times in your life.

And the amazing thing about this is... the guys who look like this are usually just "regular guys".

I mean, it's obvious these guys work out.

But you do that too!

It's Gotta Be Something Else!

Let's face it. These guys know something... and are DOING something... that you're not.

Because they're getting better results.

Build Muscle Build Big ArmsLook, I know lots of other people become frustrated by it too...

Spending hours in the gym... with little to NO results to show for it.

In fact, you may be wasting hours of your time and energy each week in the gym with lifting techniques that are robbing you of the gains you could be making.

Meanwhile, you can't believe that other guys around you... like some of your friends... seem to make gains so much easier.

Gains that never seem to find you.

It's obvious that they're doing something that you're not doing with their training and their nutrition. Something that makes getting results easier for them.

Wouldn't it be great to know what these guys are DOING?

More importantly, wouldn't it be great to know exactly what YOU AREN'T DOING... that's keeping you from getting the results you want too?

Did you ever wonder if there are special hidden secrets that successful lifters have?

And wouldn't it be great to be able to get inside the head of someone who has already figured this stuff out?

A real expert that knows exactly how to eat and train to pack on solid muscle mass, gain more strength, and get amazing results?

Then you could discover what REALLY helps by learning real-world, practical advice.

Learning from Others
Can Get You Results Faster!

You'd learn what works and what doesn't from someone who will tell you EXACTLY what to do to get the muscle and strength gains you want.

In my personal training business, I advise people who want to get results... to learn from those who are already getting them.

And just learn and copy what they're doing.

Let's stop and tackle one thing head on... you do NOT want to learn from some pill-popping steroid user.

Nope, you don't need to risk your health or the law in order to get the muscle and strength you want.

You can do it legit... and learn from natural, steroid-free guys who know how to train and eat the best way possible.

But the thing is, it can be tough to find... and to talk to these experts.

That is, without first hunting them down and paying their enormous training fees.

Well, That's Why I'm Here...

If the gains aren't coming like you want them to...

If you're not gaining the strength and muscle mass you want from the time you spend in the gym...

Then it's time you learn what REALLY works.

Learning from others is the most important part of getting out of your old routine... the routine that isn't getting you the results you want.

You need to surround yourself with the knowledge and experience of experts who "get it"... and learn their training and nutrition secrets first hand.

By surrounding yourself with these experts and learning their secrets directly... you'll find out what it is you need to do.

It takes these guys years... or entire lifetimes... to learn these training tips and nutrition strategies.

And by using them too...

You'll Get Results Faster Than If You
Try To Learn Everything On Your Own

Believe it or not, you become like the people you hang around. I mean, you pick up some of their habits. Good or bad.

You've heard the saying... "birds of a feather flock together?"

If you surround yourself with skinny, weak people that are not very muscular... you'll be more than likely to get similar results.

However, if you surround yourself with people who have the strength and muscle mass you want too.. you'll begin to find out what they're doing to get the results they're getting.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Yet so few people really do this.

And it's why most people never get the results they truly want from the time they spend in the gym.

They keep using the same ineffective program and keep doing the same ineffective routine.

And they wonder why they can't seem to make any progress.

Where Do You Find The Strong,
Muscular Guys To Learn From?

Well, as you probably know, it's not always easy to find guys who are jacked up and strong as a horse.

I mean, when guys are wearing heavy sweatshirts or baggy clothes, you can't tell whether they're fat or muscular.

And it's not always easy to make friends with them once you DO find the ones you need to learn from.

They usually have better things to do... like working their jobs, training, fixing their meals, spending time with their friends and family.

I mean, if you were getting the results you wanted from the gym, would you be searching for all the people that weren't getting results?

Would you by dying to teach them how to improve?


You'd be out enjoying yourself... doing the things you love to do.

So how can a regular guy find and learn from these "experts"?

Here's how...

If you can't talk to them in person, the next best thing is learning from them... on paper.

Hopefully, these experts have put their secrets and strategies down on paper, in a book, to share with others.

In fact, books are probably the best way to learn from others... FAST!

You learn from someone who knows how to do it, and then copy what they're doing...

Here's How To Directly Learn
From A Muscle Building Expert

Could it really be possible to learn a short cut with your training and nutrition?

So you can gain pounds of muscle and get a HUGE, powerful, muscular body in just weeks?

That way, you feel confident and proud to take your shirt off around others at the beach?

What if I told you there was a way for you to learn from one of the most respected and highly regarded experts in the field of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength training.

Someone so respected and so highly regarded... that even the professional bodybuilders seek him out for advice.

And what if I told you there was a way, each and every month, for him to share his training and nutrition secrets with you?

That way, you could review his tips and secrets... over and over?

Well, as it turns out, I've made arrangements for you to do just that.

Announcing My New Monthly
"Muscle Building Ebook Club"

One of the BEST things you can do to improve your results in the gym is to learn directly from someone who is an expert in the field of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength training.

Someone who can give you the "inside track" on how to eat and train to gain the most muscle and strength possible.

Now you can meet one of the world's top muscle and strength building experts in my new monthly ebook series, absolutely free.

Every month, you get "expert" advice from someone who is one of the best trainers in the world when it comes to building muscle and gaining strength.

Getting his secrets on training and nutrition will help you learn TONS of practical, step-by-step techniques for gaining the most muscle and strength possible.

It's Taken Me Years To
Make Friends With This Guy

Let's just call him Mr. X.

Mr. X is arguably one of the BEST teachers in the world when it comes to helping others build strength and muscle.

He's literally a "who's who" in the field of bodybuilding, an expert so highly respected... even the pro powerlifters and bodybuilders turn to him for advice!

For over 40 years this guy has personally devoted his life to training and teaching usable strategies so you get effective results.

And in the last 40+ years... he has accumulated literally thousands upon thousands of training and nutrition secrets.

He traveled the world meeting the great champions and experts of the past... and he still meets with bodybuilders and powerlifters today... to learn what they're doing to succeed.

His information has been seen in Iron Man magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle Mag International and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness.

Muscle Building Features

This guy is like a human sponge, soaking up all the powerful training secrets and methods that power-bodybuilding champions have used to achieve success in training...

So he can bring them directly to you, each month.

But here's the thing... he doesn't like the spotlight. In fact, he HATES to be in the public limelight.

I've learned so much from this guy personally... I had to figure out how to bring his secrets to you... without him having to personally be there to teach you.

Because being an online fitness expert myself for 10 years now... I can honestly say that's so much hype and garbage floating around.

Believe me, I've seen it. And I'm sure you've seen it to.

Everyone has an opinion about training, so it's tough to cut out all the noise and learn from someone who knows EXACTLY how to get results.

Do you really want to trust your workout advice from something you read on a bodybuilding message board? It could be a 10 year old kid in his grandmother's basement, pecking away at the keyboard.

That's what the internet is becoming... all these blogs, message boards, and forums... each promoting the "next best workout routine". It's information overload, and you don't need that.

So who do you trust? Who do you believe? Who can you learn from?

Like I Mentioned Earlier,
That's Why I'm Here...

I've started getting Mr. X to share his best kept secrets for building the most muscle and strength possible... on paper!

And let me tell you, I get the "inside" stuff about training and nutrition that only pros know.

I want you to know what he does, how he trains, and what he eats.

Not only that... I want to know how he thinks and how he approaches his training .

One of the most surprising things that I discovered while doing these ebooks with him is that I learned things that I've never heard before.

And I've been training for years and some of these muscle building secrets just blew me away.

Every single ebook contains an amazing surprise and will completely change the way you think about training. Forever.

Expert Review

Nick Nilsson Abs and Big Guns "You've really outdone yourelf with these incredible e-reports. As a dedicated trainer myself, I eagerly devoured the information I found in them! You present invaluable advice on arm training, abdominal training, creatine supplementation, and much more.

I've been a personal trainer for 6 years and have been weight training for more than 13 years and I found myself nodding in both agreement and amazement at the powerful information in these reports. I wholeheartedly recommend these reports to anyone interesting in building a stronger, more muscular physique."

Nick Nilsson, B.A.Sc, A.C.E. Certified Trainer & Best Selling Fitness Author

Here's How It All Works...

Every month you'll get a brand new ebook from this expert who is VERY knowledgeable when it comes to gaining muscle and strength.

Each ebook will be on a different muscle and strength building topic.

In fact, this first month, I want to show you the value of what you're going to learn with this information.

I'm going to give you 2 ebooks... just to try out my muscle building ebook club!

The first one is the Absolutely Huge Arms ebook

Absolutely Huge Arms Muscle Building Book Club

This ebook will show you how to ADD up to ONE-HALF INCH of muscle on the arms in one day? And believe it or not . . . it's been proven to work!

Big, powerful arms are probably the most important body part for most guys.

Build Muscle Build Big ArmsI mean, who doesn't want a pair of huge arms popping out from the sleeves of their shirt?

The ABSOLUTELY HUGE ARMS ebook is your secret to bigger arms, by as much as 1/2 inch in 24 hours.

It will show you what to do in the gym for the biggest arms possible, in the shortest amount of time.

And it will show you which exercises to focus on... and which ones you're wasting your time on.

Not only that, it will show you how, when, and what to eat in order to maximize your arm gains.

I can assure you, you've never seen anything like this before.

The Absolutely Huge Arms ebook is the most powerful arm training system available today for adding 1/2 inch to the arms in one day.

Get the strong, powerful arms you want -- just in time for the beach this summer. Start turning heads when you're around others.

The second ebook you'll get for trying my monthy ebook series is "The Fastest Way To Six Pack Abs"

The Fastest Way To Six Pack Abs

This ab ebook reveals the best exercises possible to get those ripped, six pack abs you're after. You'll learn the best way to train to bring out those washboard abs.

You'll also learn how to eat to burn fat, lose the love handles, and show that amazing ab definition that the ladies like.

All of the proven secrets for developing sculpted, deeply-etched, abs are revealed in this ultimate instruction-packed report.

Take a few minutes and picture this...

It's just a few short weeks from today and you no longer have an "average" physique. You're now leaner and more muscular than you've ever been before.

You can hit the beach with a body you're more proud of and more confident with! Walking the sand with your shirt off, having members of the opposite sex admire your muscular build and six-pack abs.

Imagine The Thrill Of Having A Body That
Turns Heads And Stands Out In A Crowd!

Having the rock-hard muscle mass you've always wanted...

A tightly-defined midsection... a sculpted chest and powerful pair of arms... more confidence and pride... it's ALL within reach for you.

Build Ab MusclesAs you can see, just these first 2 ebooks contain some of the most important training and nutrition information you can get.

Who doesn't want big, powerful arms and washboard six pack abs?

And I'd like you to be one of the select few that get these ebooks.

Right now you're probably thinking "This sounds too good to be true. I'm sure it's going to cost me a lot of money".


How does less than twenty bucks sound to you?

When you subscribe to my monthly muscle-building ebook club, I'm going to send you a new ebook every month for only $19.95 each.

Every single one of these ebooks will change the way you're training now.

Each will show you exactly how to eat and train to get the best results possible from your time in the gym. And every single body part will be covered... and we'll show you how to maximize the results for each.

It will be like having your very own personal trainer for each and every single one of your body parts... showing you how to eat and train the best way possible!

Even better, if you subscribe right now online, I'd like to send you THREE GREAT FREE BONUSES.

ORDER NOW And You'll Also Receive These 3 FREE
Bonuses Worth AT LEAST $295, Absolutely Free!

Since I know it's 100% to your advantage to say YES now, I want to sweeten the pot and give you the following special bonus gifts!

Free Bonus Gift #1: Advanced Supplement Review eGuide

Supplement Review Guide

In his Advanced Supplement Design & Review Guide, Jeff Anderson reveals:

•The real truth about which supplements are nothing more than "MEGA HYPE"...and which ones will absolutely bring you BETTER and FASTER RESULTS!

•The PROTEIN SHOCKER that proves all the so called "experts" DEAD WRONG about which meal replacement powder you really need to use to get maximum muscle growth!

•A "No B.S." checklist that will allow you to give the finger to greedy supplement companies who are trying to suck money straight out of your wallet!

•The very BEST supplements you should be taking TODAY based upon your specific fitness goals: mass-building...fat-burning...hormone name it!

•The "deep dark secret" the supplement companies are PRAYING you never find out about how you can get their products at a SUPER STEEP DISCOUNT! (I'm not some cases up to 98% off of their retail cost!)

Free Bonus Gift #2: Design Your Own Hardcore Gym eBook

You can Design Your Own Hardcore Gym Don't let anyone tell you that you have to buy lots of fancy new equipment to build the body you always dreamed of. This guide will show you how you can design your own backyard, gym or wharehouse gym for Pennies On The Dollar!

Author Elliott Hulse earned a college scholarship training in his parents basement. There are lots of creative things you can do like build your own sled for draggin, try some sandbag training, get a tire you can flip. You can build an awesome body doing these hardcore exercises.

Go ahead and cancel your gym membership. Blast the music, grunt if you want to, and start growing muscle size from your own hardcore gym!

Free Bonus Gift #3: Monster Bench Press Tactics - MP3s

Monster Bench Press Tactics - Bench Press Interrogations In these digital MP3s you'll discover tactics and techinques that you can utilize right now to skyrocket your bench press. I've spent the last 10-years of my life learning about the bench press and I share my secrets in this bench press interrogation interview.

Host Carl Lanore states, "Westerdal knows a little something about building a big bench press. Its been his passion and mission for over ten years. As the proprietor of he attracts and confers with the strongest men and women in the world. Westerdal lays out the blueprint to take your bench press into a totally new realm. This first episode identifies the most common mistakes that stand in your way of an impressive bench press."

You'll also receive two additional bench press interrogation interviews. One with AJ Roberts of Westside Barbell who shares his westside bench tactics PLUS you'll also receive a myth busting interview with 700+ Pound bench presser Jared Bachmeier!

These three bonuses, including the two ebooks you get the first month... are worth at LEAST $295 alone.

But you'll get all three for just $4.95, just for TRYING out my monthly ebook club.

Whether you want to compete in bodybuilding or powerlifting... or you just want to look better and turn more heads...

These ebooks will show you, step by step, exactly how to gain more muscle and get a physique you can feel good about!

Each and every month, you'll get a brand new ebook that contains some of the most powerful training and nutrition information you can get... from an expert that's been in the fitness field for the last 40 years!

In some of the next ebooks you'll get, he'll show you how to skyrocket your strength and crush your previous lifts... sparking new muscle growth.

He'll show you how to gain muscle mass weight as fast as humanly possible.

If you're fed up with being scrawny, his little-known techniques will help you pack on more muscle so you're never be embarrassed taking your shirt off!

He'll show you how to build a powerful chest and widen your shoulders with the most proven-effective exercises.

The tips you learn in these ebooks will help you feel better, gain more confidence and be more respected.

You'll increase your sex appeal and get noticed more!

Here Is What Others
Have To Say About Mr. X...

"Thanks so much for the seminars and reports. We'll have fun with them!

Laree & Dave Draper

"Thank you for forwarding your PDF reports. I enjoyed the reports; you put a lot of good information in there."

Howard S. Havener, Collector & Seller of Iron Game Memoribilia

"I like your writing style (e-reports) very much. Crisp, bouncy and clean.

Bob Fritz, Author of EVO Bodybuilding

"My favorite is the Creatine Expose"

Lon K. Baldridge

My Absolute Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee

I know that you probably want to try my monthly series out, before you go ahead and make a commitment when you're unsure of the quality of this information.

And I completely understand... that only makes sense.

Here's my offer to you:

Subscribe to my new monthly ebook series. Let me send you the first two ebooks for just $4.95.

Read both of them all the way through... take up to 21 days to go over them.

If you're not thrilled with the information in these ebooks, just ask for a refund, and you can KEEP THE EBOOKS, just for giving it a try.

That's right, if you're not thrilled with the ebooks, you can keep them and the bonuses... AND get a full refund.

No questions, and no hassles. You can get your money back quickly and easily.

Of course, I'm betting that you'll want to keep your subscription active... and not miss a single ebook. From there on out, you can cancel anytime.

As you can see, it's a simple, easy, no-risk way for you to get the training information you need, each and every month.

And it's an incredible value, too...

At Just Pennies Per Day
For Each Valuable Ebook

Honestly, you probably spend more on protein powder each month... and that won't stay with you like this training information will.

And if you were to hire a trainer of this calibre to teach you the same secrets you're going to learn from him each month... well, let's just say it would cost you over $500 each month.

But right now, you can get his techniques for just $19.95 each month. It really does make perfect sense to try it out, right now.

Just click this link to subscribe now.

Your Friend,

Mike Westerdal

What you get to start - Muscle Building Package
Muscle Building strategies and tips montly club

(*Note: This program can only be ordered with a credit or debit card).

P.S. It's time to stop spending your energy and money on things that don't work in the gym.

It's time to stop trying fad training programs or hyped-up workout routines that are here today, gone tomorrow.

It's time to put your time, effort, and money to better use... instead of sticking to the same old things that haven't worked.

It's time to find an ongoing, continuous way to improve your training, your nutrition, and your results.

If you're ready to stop spinning your wheels in the gym and spending your time and energy on things that don't work, then it's time to check out my Monthly Muscle Building Ebook Club...

Muscle Building strategies and tips montly club

P.S.S. Remember, if you're not thrilled with what you learn, you can cancel and keep the free bonuses AND your first month's ebooks... just for trying this monthly series out.

This is your chance to learn from one of the best in the world when it comes to training to gain muscle and strength.

Subscribe now so you don't miss any of it!

After you've had 21 days to try out all the bonuses and your first month's ebooks, I'll bill you your first monthly payment.

Then... you can keep learning more and more about nutrition and training for success.

I guarantee you'll dramatically improve your physique and your strength from all the new techniques you get each month.

It's literally a step by step road map to a new body... and a new you.

Just copy the exact same proven secrets you'll learn in each ebook . Think of it - no more struggling to gain muscle... no more endless months without results... no more guessing at ALL!

You get the straight answers to the real questions about training and nutrition.

What this expert shares is literally PRICELESS when you think about how it will change your body... and your life... forever.

For the same price as a pizza each month, you'll have your very own personal trainer, in your corner, showing you what to do.

You'll blast by your jealous friends in muscle size and strength.

It's time for you to look better, feel better about yourself, and get noticed more.

So, order now and start learning from the world's "best of the best" when it comes to gaining muscle and strength.

There's absolutely no risk and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Muscle Building strategies and tips montly club

Here Is What Others
Have To Say About Mr. X...

"I can honestly tell you this systematically targets the six-pack! Unlike other ab programs I've used this is the first program where I was actually sore in the six-pack!" I have high hopes for this program and am doing it by the book!

Ray Westafer

Tom Venuto knows who to listen to when it comes to building muscle "I've always been a big fan of yours. I grew up reading your stuff and it really had an impact on where I am today! In fact, I have two of your published books sitting on my shelf at arms reach right here in front of me. I would endorse anything from you whole-heartedly."

Tom Venuto, world-reknowned fat loss expert

"The ebook was very interesting. Looks like you developed quite a relationship with ______. He was one of my favorites back when I first got interested in Bodybuilding. A great legend in our sport."

Garry Bartlett Muscle Mag Int’l Contribution Consultant & Photographer

"Wow! What a great ebook! How times have changed with the top lifters of our day now."

Dan Przyojski

"I find it not only unique but perhaps one of the most interesting pieces of work I have read. I love what I have read so far. It's so personal you get the sense of being there in person. It's honest and real insight. All the mags and books are so much hype. To read something that is real is a unique treat. I am being totally honest with you when I say I simple enjoy and respect your material."

Alan Palmieri

"I received your report today. Very good material. I think a report such as yours has the potential to, at the very least, provide a wake up call for those who buy into the "Huge Muscles overnight."

Phil Kaplan, Renowned Fitness Expert

"_________ is a guy who has seen it all and done it twice. He provides detailed information which is foolproof and dead on. It you want to know how to get stronger and more muscular, listen to what he has to say!"

Nelson Montana, Renowned Columnist for Muscle Mag Int'l

"The ebooks on training for precision and rapid fire results are the 21st Century’s modern way to learn the secrets and facts of safe Bodybuilding anabolic growth, gaining dense muscle mass and producing extreme strength. They are a perfectly clear, instructional and motivational read for the man or woman, athlete, home trainer, gym trainer, and even the professional personal trainer."

DENIE: former sports magazine editor, photojournalist and the IFBB Medical and Press Liaison

"The report is fabulous. I just wish the newcomers to the sport would realize how much information there really is in that kind of correspondence. I love it."

Roger Riedinger

Muscle Building Success Story "I've known Mike Westerdal and Critical Bench for over 10 years now and he's one of just a handful of fitness experts that I actually trust. When Mike releases a new ebook or report, I send all of my personal training clients to check it out. Because I know the information in it is life-changing.

In an industry where there's so much hype and useless workout stuff, Mike and his ebooks are truly a breath of fresh air. I trust him completely and always feel the stuff he puts out is full of valuable information. In fact, I've followed a lot of Mike's stuff and I've actually changed the way I train... and also have gotten better results.

When I heard Mike was doing an ebook of the month club... my first thought was "Brilliant, that's something I've always wanted to do myself with my fitness business and personal training clients. It's such a great way to get continuous, valuable information, each and every month, for a fraction of what you'd pay a personal trainer.

Great ebooks Mike, I've only read the 2 from the first month and I'm already blown away with what I've learned."

Shawn Lebrun, Certified Personal Trainer, N.A.B.F. Natural Bodybuilder

Muscle Building strategies and tips montly club




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